• State of serious or persistent difficulty, calamity or misfortune.
  • Adversity is more than just one difficulty or setback. Adversity represents a series of difficulties or misfortunes that keep you from achieving your goals and/or finding happiness.




  • Process of adapting well in the face of adversity or significant sources of stress such as trauma or tragedy through making use of a unique host of interacting biological, psychological, social and cultural factors.
  • Dynamic developmental process with the attainment of positive adaptation


Biological Allostasis

  • Achieving “biological and  social fitness”

Achieving biopsychosocial stability through change

  • The ability of the body to produce hormones and other substances that help an individual (s) adapt to predictable and unpredictable challenges.
  • The ability of the body to elicit physiological and behavioral changes that customize how individuals respond and cope with their unique experiences in a changing/stressful physical and social environment.



Lifelong Education

  • Individual: A combination of all formal and informal education that occurs through an individual’s lifespan to attain the fullest possible development in personal, social and professional life.
  • The continuous quest for a higher and better quality of life.
  • Community: Process of continual improvement and growth by increasing knowledge or influencing attitudes.
  • The ability of a person to develop resilience, grow and thrive in the face of situational pressure and stressors, based on the combination of both their genotype/phenotype and the availability and maintenance of social resources developed over a lifetime.




  • Achievement of participatory management that leads to the revealing of human potentials.
  • Dynamic process which leads an individual or community to acquire decision-making power and control over their lives.
  • It involves changing others’ and self-perception of one’s competency and capacity through building knowledge, acquiring important skills and access to information and resources.