At the Heart of the Matter: Unmasking and Addressing COVID-19's Toll on Diverse Populations

By Norrisa Haynes, Lisa A. Cooper, and Michelle A. Albert on May 04, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has unmasked longstanding racial and ethnic health-related disparities. Data indicate that co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease are risk factors for poor COVID-19 outcomes.

12 scientific teams redefining fast-tracked heart and brain health research related to COVID-19

By American Heart Association on April 30, 2020
Dr. Michelle A. Albert was awarded the COVID-19 Cardiovascular Rapid Response Grant by the American Heart Association

COVID-19 Pandemic: 'Another Earthquake' Exposing Glaring Health Inequities

By Interviewee: Michelle Albert, MD, MPH; Interviewer: Robert A. Harrington, MD on April 23, 2020
American Heart Association National President Dr. Bob Harrington interviews Dr. Michellle A. Albert about the Health Inequities related to COVID-19.

A shelter-in-place side effect: Bay Area people are afraid to go to the hospital

By San Francisco Chronicle on April 23, 2020
Dr. Michelle Albert was quoted in San Francisco Chronicle article on people avoiding hospital visits because of COVID-19 fears.

Ignored in Plain Sight

By Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH on October 30, 2019
Despite the challenges in conducting research about stress, resilience, and health,

Financial Strain and Ideal Cardiovascular Health in Middle-aged and Older Women: Data from the Women's Health Study.

By Cabeza de Baca T, Burroughs Peña MS, Slopen N, Williams D, Buring J, Albert MA. on October 30, 2019
Financial strain was associated with lower ideal cardiovascular health in middle aged and older female health professional women. The results of this study have implications for the potential cardiovascular health benefit of financial protections for older individuals.

Sleep debt: the impact of weekday sleep deprivation on cardiovascular health in older women.

By Tomás Cabeza de Baca, Koharu Loulou Chayama, Susan Redline, Natalie Slopen, Fumika Matsushita, Aric A Prather, David R Williams, Julie E Buring, Alan M Zaslavsky, Michelle A Albert on October 30, 2019
Sleep debt was associated with poorer ICH, despite taking into account socioeconomic status and psychosocial factors. These results suggest that weekly sleep duration variation, possibly leading to circadian misalignment, may be associated with cardiovascular risk in older women. https://academic-...

#Me_Who Anatomy of Scholastic, Leadership, and Social Isolation

By Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH on January 04, 2019


January 03, 2019